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Logic and the Heart is available at CDBaby! Click on the logo to buy the album.

Nothing you say ever comes out right and all your intent is misconstrued. What do you do? What can you? Well, you can try talking it out till you’re just repeating yourself over and over again – or you can write a song about it. And that song can lead to another and another and another, until you find you have an entire album of songs to record.

Here it is – a collection of songs that are each drawn from some life experience. Whether they are 100% fact or a bit of fiction doesn’t matter. Some are fiction based on fact. It’s up to you to take what you want, and leave the rest. I hope you will enjoy what you hear.

Let me introduce the core band – The Backbeat as I call them – Michael Fritz, guitars and drums; Maureen “Moe” Jerant, drums; Nick Franclik, bass. In addition to these folks, I’m thrilled to announce the guest musicians: Chuck Donches, piano; Dennis Wieand, Hammond B3 and Wurlitzer organ; Dave Fry, mandolin; Nick Roberti, ukelele; Tamara Fritz, harmony and backing vocal; and Brittany Ann Tranbaugh, harmony and backing vocal.

Mike and I have essentially co-produced this project. He’s the genius behind all the cool things you’ll hear. Me, I’m just here to make sure everyone gets fed on time.

Our engineer is Kent Heckman, at Red Rock Recording studio, Saylorsburg, Pa. What a dream he has been to work with. I’d heard stories, but now I know they were right on.

Some of the songs are online here. Click on the Listen tab. CDs are currently available at select retail locations: Compact Disc Center, Moravian Book Shop, Home & Planet, and Back Door Bakeshop, all in Bethlehem, Pa. You can order via email: music@dinahall.com, and of course you can always pick one up at any show!

Since I’m a graphic designer by trade, I put a lot of time into the CD graphics. Lyrics and musician credits are all included. HUGE thanks to Sharon Merkel for the photography, and Working Dog Press for the printing!

A Little Bit of Me: Video documentary

My friend Jill Simonelli of Simonelli Studios spent countless hours with us filming the studio sessions, and the result is this really cool documentary about the making of Logic and the Heart. Take a coffee break and enjoy!

Here it is.

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